For office furniture

The service provision in the field of storage, transfer and management of office furniture is one of the showpieces of Your Mover Logistics. Each item of furniture can be consulted via the Internet. The customer receives access via the V-Move system and is thus able to consult his stored office furniture (with photos and a description). He can then order the required items. After renovation and cleaning by Your Mover Logistics, the customer receives his order. The storage takes place in dry, well-ventilated areas, equipped with fire protection and a security system. The warehouse is located at Radiatorenstraat 1, Vilvoorde.

An increasing number of companies are making use of this relatively new service. Indeed, Your Mover Logistics has developed a large number of storage and stacking procedures (up to a height of 10 metres), so that the number of square metres of floor space (read: rental price) is kept very low.

Moreover, Your Mover Logistics also has a renovation and cleaning service, ensuring that the items are delivered to you in optimal condition.




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